The Queens Collection Box - Personalized Luxury Haircare

$95.99 USD

EVERYTHING you need to get your hair in optimal health is in our Queen's Collection Box. It is ideal for anyone with textured or curly hair or those struggling with hair loss. If you're looking to get a fresh start with a clarifying shampoo & conditioner and all the fixings, we got you!

This  collection features some of our best selling hair products to provide moisture, deep conditioning, and to make your hair more manageable.  

Included in this collection:

Sandalwood & Black Charcoal Shampoo 9.7 fl. oz.

Sandalwood & Black Charcoal Conditioner 9.7 fl. oz.

Rosemary Mint & Fenugreek Anti-Breakage Leave-In 9.6 fl. oz.

Mango & Monoi Hair Custard 10 oz 

Hair Growth Activator 7 fl oz.

Nourishing Body Serum 4 fl. oz.