Body Butters (All) - 8 oz



Our Luxury Hair & Body Butters are the foundation of Nature's Syrup Beauty. They are our #1 Best-Selling products personally formulated by our owner and founder, De'Vonna Pittman. Our Shea Butter blends can be used on hair and skin, and are available in seven compelling scents. Nature's Syrup Body Butters are made with Shea Butter imported from Ghana, Africa. Our ingredients are proudly sourced under Fair Trade practices, and support socioeconomic equality for women and children.


Certified Organic and Fair Trade

 Important Notice Regarding Summer Shipping of Body Butters: Every batch of our whipped body butters are made with intention and care by our founder in small batches. The luxurious texture is achieved by whipping our ethically sourced shea butter into a delicate suspension. Our butters are sensitive to external temperatures, and will melt if stored or shipped in temperatures over 82 degrees. During the summer months (May to September) we carefully ship our body butters to you in insulated and chilled packaging. To ensure the product makes it to you in tact we require 2-Day shipping on all of our body butter orders. Please retrieve your butters from the outdoors as soon as possible. 


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